That was the News that was.

Job done. 

When we created this page nobody was talking about Peckham, black cab drivers wouldn't venture into rough-and-tumble SE15 and you could buy a 3-bed Victorian do-er-upper for the price of a packet of fags.

So it seemed a good idea to have some sort of general area information thingy to spread the word about us and Fenton Walsh and Petitou. For 2005 Bellenden Road that was it. One place to get coffee, one place to get books, and one place to get a nice frock.

Ten years later everyone is always and ever talking about Peckham and the plethora of places to eat, drink, shop, dance, be merry. In local press, national press, international press, Peckham is de-rigeur and everyone who is anyone has moved in or is moving in. You can be run down outside the front door by the number and speed of Uber and Black cabs dashing about filled with A/B/C never D-list celebs and a new house the size of a fag packet is the price of a private Jet. 

So that's it. Job done. The news is elsewhere. Just google Peckham. We're still here doing our thing just not doing the job of anchorman/woman anymore.

Come visit. You're welcome. 

If I have failed to convince you then just take a look here..