The Sleepwalkers, Viviane Schwarz (Walker) GRAPHIC NOVEL








Okay, vested interest declaration. See that little doggie on the cover (and a lovely photo of him inside the back cover)? That's our Gus, the bookshop dog. Well, he's not actually Gus in the story, he's Buddy, but it's him alright! 

Viviane has written/drawn a superb new story. It's being pitched as a children's book but we think it's for all ages. "Do you have a bad dream that will not go away? Are you afraid to sleep at night? Call the Sleepwalkers! Write us a letter, put it under your pillow...and we will come and save you!" All ages, right? 

A cast of wonderful characters deliver a powerful messsage about facing up to your fears and anxieties. Told in Viviane's particular inventive, amusing and kindly voice. It is a joy. 

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Paperback just £8.99