A 2014 Reader

Not 'best of' or 'new in' but great reads in additon to Books of the Month. Not in any particular order.

Pig Iron Benjamin Myers 

a writer deserving of more attention, great reviews all round, the "Ron Rash" of Cumbria, winner of the 2013 inaugural Gordon Burn prize

Hold Your Own Kate Tempest

if you're a South Londoner you will have heard about Kate and her astonishing verbal and musical feats, poetry is for performance

Swimming Home Deborah Levy

a conjuror, a master of characterisation, a dramatist, shiningly brilliant and shocking

The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher Hilary Mantel

there is no better demonstration of her genius than the title story in this collection 

The Wake Paul Kingsnorth

a challenge but jesus christ almighty what a reward

The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman Denis Theriault

a lovely literary interlude, a soft breathy haiku of a novelette

Darkling Laura Beatty

the very best othis year's crop of bifurcated present/past narrative tales

In the Forest Edna O'Brien

dark nasty brilliant insight into the psyche of the seriously disturbed

Bel Canto Ann Patchett

a swooping operatic love story, winner of the 2002 Orange Prize