New Books of the Month - As chosen by Serah Mansaray and Lulu Pearson

We have two excellent work experience placements happening this month. Serah and Lulu from Kingsdale Foundation School. They would like to strongly urge you to read the following books and have been kind enough to write these reviews for you. Children are our future so heed their words...

Perfect Little World by Kevin Wilson

Perfect Little World is a wonderful novel about charming, young Isabelle Poole who is thrown into a whole new life after being impregnated by her high school art teacher. Isabelle’s life wasn’t the most glamorous to begin with but now stuck with an embryo inside her, complicated family history and a less then baby daddy, she finds herself lost. Her luck seems to change after the opportunity to join the Infinite Family Project: a plan where nine other families come together and raise each of their children as one big happy family. This novel will make you laugh and ponder about how we ourselves work in our own family unit, it has enough twists and turns to keep you hooked. - Serah Mansaray




The Story of My Life by Jay McInerney

This novel set in the late 80’s in New York City, is a narration in the first person from the view point of Alison Poole. A bleakly funny account of her fast paced chaotic life, as a young aspiring actor living in Manhattan. The key themes that carry through this novel are all intrinsic to our every day lives and follow universal concepts such as friendship, love and finding ones self.  The novel explores both the euphoria and pleasure, which come with taking drugs but also the bleak reality of the damage and temporality of these desired effects.