Kathy Acker 'wrathful goblin outrider of the feminist health movement'

After Kathy Acker by Chris Krauss

Roz is a little obsessed with Kathy Acker and was ridiculously excited to find out that Chris Kraus, she of I Love Dick fame, had written a biography and even more so to discover that Kraus's and Acker's lives had intersected. Needless to say she does not have an impartial eye and didn't feel she could do justice to the book in writing her own review of it. 

So here is one by our own Jenny Turner (we call anyone whe does live, has lived, or even just visited their nan in Peckham "ours" and we feel particularly entitled in the case of Jenny as we hosted the launch of her first novel in the shop's fledgeling days). The title quote is Jenny's and this is her piece in the LRB.

And here is a review from the wonderful Olivia Laing that appeared in The Guardian.

 kathy acker

After Kathy Acker by Chris Krauss, published by Allen Lane, £20 Hb.