The Memory of Love

Wednesday 26th May 7pm

Aminatta Forna will read from her new novel and answer questions from the audience.

The Memory of Love is set in present and recent past Sierra Leone, a country brutalised and people left desolate by civil war. It is a big story about the interwoven lives of its four main protagonists and their search for meaning, forgiveness and a sort of truth. The lives of fascinating peripheral characters such as Agnes, a woman so traumatised by violence that her subconscious provides respite in periodic fugue states, are skilfully spliced into this compelling and exacting narrative.

In 2003 Aminatta helped build a primary school in her family's viallage of Rogbonko in Sierra Leone. £5 of the cover price of each hardback sold at this event will be donated to the Rogbonko Village School Trust. Read more about the school here...  

Helon Habila in the Saturday Guardian wrote "This is a remarkable novel: well researched, well thought out, well written - the kind that deserves to be on the Booker shortlist."