World Book Night Giveaway Extravaganza!

Various Locations Saturday 5th March - All Night!

World Book Night is an initiative from the Booksellers Association aimed at getting a million free books into the hands of people who may otherwise not have desired to read that particular book. Some 20,000 people throughout the nation have volunteered themselves as "givers" and will be pressing a book, about which they are particularly passionate, into the hands of strangers. Here in literary Peckham there are at least 20 (yep, that's twenty) "givers" and they each have 48 copies of one book to give away. This I know because their books are being delivered to my shop! (From whence they will pick them up - please don't come here expecting to see me handing out free books!). So keep your eyes peeled for people with large rucksacks or shopping trolleys accosting strangers for your chance to pick up a good read. 

Andrea will be launching her Literary Kitchen and giving away copies of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie at 194 Bellenden Road, kicking off at 7pm. More about this here...  This is where I will be starting my evening, giving away a single of copy of an exceptional book (along with 9 other guest "book pundits"). 

Chick will be positioning himself at the Clockhouse Pub armed with Agent Zigzag!

Flora will be handing out Toast to her neighbours. Peta will also be giving Toast to commuters at Clapham Junction, Peckham Rye station and probably finally in the Victoria Inn

Maraget will be pressing copies of All Quite onthe Western Front into the hands of young boozers in pubs in Lordship Lane.

Jaquie will be tiptoeing between the Montpelier and Victoria pubs with copies of A Fine Balance.

More about locations and titles as and when and if the givers want to let me in on their plans. They don't have to - they might want to keep them ... secret!