How To Be A Good Wife: Emma Chapman gives a slideshow

January 31st 7-9pm

RSVP  020 7639 7400

Unfamiliar Territory

How To Be A Good Wife is set in an eerie, unnamed Scandinavian location. On 31st January, author Emma Chapman will show photos from the travels that inspired the book. Come and see her read and talk about the darkness in her novel that refused to be lightened, and how the setting played an important role in increasing the tension in her protagonist's mind.

Here's what people are saying about How To Be A Good Wife:

‘An intensifying mood of menace pervades this mesmerising debut’ David Hewson, author of The Killing

‘On the surface the book is a highly competent, creepy little chiller, but beneath, like a silent, bolted and half-dark room, there’s a much bigger, equally disconcerting story about the nature of feminine experience. It’s an accomplished debut from a writer who shows insight and emotional power’ Hilary Mantel, author of Wolf Hall and Bring up the Bodies

‘Tightly plotted, tensely written . . . Emma Chapman is very accomplished in her present, and a bright hope for the future’ Andrew Motion