Children's event: Janet Hoggarth book signing and reading from Gaby's Angel

At Review Friday 14th June 5-7pm

Come along and meet Janet and find out how local hero and shop owner Maria Fenton inspired one of the characters in Gaby's Angel!

Do angels really exist? Gaby Richards seems to think so. When her best friend Emily dies tragically outside the school gates, she thinks she will never get over it and is determined to be unhappy for eternity. No one is able to get through to her and her friends and family watch her descend into a cloud of doom. But help is just around the corner... One day Emily magically reappears in Gaby's bedroom as her angel, forcing Gaby to start living again. Only Gaby can see her and both girls soon realise that this can work to their advantage if they want to play a few neat tricks, cheat on school tests or even come to the rescue in the school play. But Emily notices Gaby is starting to let events pass her by; she would rather hang inside with her dead best friend, even when one of the cutest boys at school asks her out on a date. Emily has to make a hard decision: should she stay and be Gaby's angel for ever and stop her feeling sad or leave her to get on with the rest of her life without her...? 

The book is suitable for young people from 9- 12 years old

Janet has had several jobs, she got a job in a bookshop, then a job at Bloomsbury Children’s books, finally ending up at Scholastic Children’s books with her own office (yay!) commissioning books. Janet has always made up stories (Why I Was Late For Work – I was partying with the band, man… etc). So she ventured forth into the freelance writer and editor world and had several books published before having three children. During the small children wilderness years she started DJing (a passion of hers) and got a job once a month partying, er, DJing at a local cocktail bar. Janet now juggles her time between her three young children, writing, DJing and looking after her two mental cats.

Maria Fenton owns Fenton Walsh just along the way from the bookshop. Fenton Walsh sells lovely things to wear.


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