Age of Violence by Jorn Jonassen


May 7th 7-9pm


Come and meet Jorn and toast the publication of his new and beautiful book Age of Violence

Jorn on his book:
The idea for the book came to me as I woke up one morning - and felt really old.
What happens when you feel like you no longer fit in?
What do you do when you are no longer the life and soul of the party?
When you feel like you fall between two chairs?
Do you keep hunting for youth and beauty - or do you accept your fate and stare age, loneliness and death in the face?

I popped these thoughts - along with my love of classic fairy tales and a good portion of blood and violence into a cocktail shaker. (With a pinch of sex and humour...)
The rest is history, as they say.
My thought is that we can all choose to be the prince (or princess) of our own fairy tale.

Jorn Jonassen was born in Norway. He went to art school in New York where he studied filmmaking.
After working on commercials and music videos for approx 6 years - he decided to pursue more personal projects.
He published my first photo calendar at the end of 2011. The calendar was called 12 Deadly Dates of 2012.
Building on that experience, he thought it was natural to make a book as his next project.

RSVP 020 7639 7400