Tom Huddleston Book Signing

Saturday 14th December 2pm at Review

Stuck for a present for a youngish person? How about a beautiful first edition hardback signed and personalised by the author?

Tom Huddleston will be in the shop at 2pm on Saturday signing his book The Waking World, the first book in The Future King series.

More about the book:

The Island is in peril. For years, bloodthirsty marauder pirates have raided along the coast, carrying off goods and cattle. Now they're growing bolder, striking further inland, even taking slaves to man their black ships.

An invasion is underway. As the son of a wealthy Law, young Aran should be safe. The underground farmstead of Hawk's Cross lies miles from the sea, and even the killing winds that sweep down from the moors can't penetrate those solid steel gates.

But Aran doesn't want to be safe, he wants to be a warrior: to fight for his friends, his family and his home. Many tales have been told of the boy who became our greatest King. Very few have spoken of the future...


More about Tom:

Tom Huddleston is an author, musician and journalist employed on the film desk at Time Out magazine. Though he grew up in Yorkshire - where his debut novel, The Waking World, takes place - he now lives in East London, where he is hard at work on the next volume in The Future King series.