Friday 20th December 5pm at Review

Mr Bingo is back, signing Hate Mail!

Perfect Christmas presents, he'll be personalising them with extra insults.

For the uninitiated this is how Mr Bingo describes Hate Mail:

The Project-
I love post and I'm worried that people don't get enough 'fun' post these days.
Especially postcards.
So I had an idea. It's very simple.
You send me forty quid (plus postage) and I'll send you a vintage postcard with a
drawing and an offensive message on it. (that's why it's called 'Hate mail').
So you get an original signed drawing, the postman gets a laugh and the world
gets a little bit happier

Hate Mail the book is a collection of these very funny and beautifully drawn works of art. Come and get your own - reserve a copy by emailing me at or calling 0207 639 7400