Journal Launch: Geschichte Thursday 8th August

Join us on Thursday 8th August, from 6-9 to celebrate the launch of Geschichte!

Geschichte Journal is a publication exploring and expanding on the interactions between space and the individual, and facilitates evolving practices and theories of surrounding space. Through visual art and writing we want to address the ideas of space, movement in space, architecture, place, heritage, and memory.

Geschichte is a german word which usually means ‘history’, but it can also be translated as ‘story’, ‘narrative’, ‘tale’, and ‘saga’. We found the nuances and contradictory nature of the english translations an appropriate starting point for the discussion of surrounding space.
We're launching the first issue of Geschichte on Thursday, at Review Bookshop in Peckham.

Contributors include:
Holly Beasely-Garrigan | Verity Birt | Susan Calvert | Chris Cooper | James Fancourt | Nicola Guy | Micheal Hampton | Josephine Livingstone | Juliet Mason | Travis Riley | Lotte Scott | Becca Voelker | Joe Winter | Ashley Woodward | Nine Yamamoto-Masson | Mark Young

Copies of Geschichte will be at a discounted price of £5 on the night.