The Afterparty - Reading and Signing

Friday 1st April 7.30-9.30pm

Leo Benedictus will be stopping by to read from and sign copies of his much vaunted debut novel The Afterparty.

What's it all about? Sam Leith in The Observer thinks it's "postmodern", James Smart in The Guardian says it is a "metafictional mesh" (note the H). It's the story of an April night that never happened (queue spooky music - it's April 1st).  Celebrity shenangians, cameos from people in the real world, Benedictus himself (?) even makes an appearance.

"...what really sets the fresh style, biting satire and Postmodern gymnastics ablaze is the brilliance of the writing..." - Leyla Sanai, The Independent.

We think it's a cracker - don't miss out! Book in to attend using the "Register" button below.

Paperback £12.99