Is that all you people think about? Book Launch 15th April 2016

The bath overflowed

Bob suggested Ann get out

Simon got out too

The word ‘Haiku’ invokes images of misty mountains, running streams and falling leaves. But where are the haiku that reflect the modern world we live in, the real world of overflowing baths, train delays and Pierce Brosnan? From humble blog roots to being actually published by Square Peg, this debut collection features a haiku for every moment of modern life, all rendered in no more or less than 17 syllables. Join us for the official launch of 'is that all you people think about', there will be wine, laughter as well as some (mercifully brief) poetry.

About the author: Gordon Gordon has been writing haiku since 2012 when he went looking for something you could write twenty of before breakfast. He is actually 4 men, who live in 3 cities, in 2 countries.


As always tickets cost £5 and include a glass of wine and £4 off purchases on the night.

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